Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Eve ...

That would be Monday, I think.  It's getting hard to remember that far back!
There was shopping for vegetables ... the usual traditional selection of carrots, parsnips, potatoes, sprouts ... and a few extras like asparagus for the starter.
Although soaked in the usual way overnight, the dried peas were a complete disaster!  Part of the problem was that I used brown sugar ... so they looked peculiar ... but, even after a long time simmering ... they were still like small marbles!  So far I've not found any scientific reason for this.
After the Home Communion service there was then an opportunity to set the dinner table ... that was fun!
 Again I opted for the traditional red and green ... and this year we were just a half dozen ... good friends and family ...
The day ended ... in church!  Where else?
We had a good turnout at the midnight service of Holy Communion ... the first Communion of Christmas.
That's me nearly caught up on the last few days ... working backwards feels a bit peculiar ... Sunday is next!

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