Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

As you'd expect ... church!
Beautiful singing led by the choir ... shut your eyes and you'd have thought you were already in heaven. After the service of Holy Communion it was back home for lunch and preparations for the family dinner.
Before that, the opening of gifts!  What wonderful treasures ... silver, carpet bag, smelly stuff, napkins, book, jigsaw, fun items, pillow, Tayto ... and the list goes on and on.
The jigsaw is the usual degree of difficulty ... well not as challenging as some of recent years ... this is not double-sided!
With the repeated picture of love hearts ... it might just be hard enough!
Eliot had his share of wonderful presents.  Toys that squeak, ropes to pull, balls to chase ... doggy heaven!
 I received a "Guardian Angel" to keep the house free from dog destruction!  It seems to be working wonderfully ... if it would only deal with the great quantities of hair then all would be well!
How one dog can produce so much is beyond my comprehension.
He's had his share of the turkey and other tasty morsels so maybe some long walks are on the cards.
There's a bit too much sleeping in the chair, especially the one that is not covered with a blanket!
Turkey is the main dish ... and what a turkey!
 We do a very traditional dinner and this bird was just as good as it looks.
Eliot had a good look too!
Then, after we've eaten more than enough, out comes the Christmas Pudding ... my niece captured this superb shot of the brandy on fire!  By the time I'd set down the lighter and lifted the camera there was no flame left.
The secret of getting a decent picture seems to require the room to be in darkness and the cameras ready!  It helps that there was a good stream of brandy too.
 The table decorations provided some innocent amusement between courses ... these mini Santas look as if they're dashing through the snow!
 It takes little to amuse the innocent!
The poor dog suffers the usual indignity of being dressed in totally inappropriate head gear ... and his patience wore very thin over this hat. 
 Meanwhile the Nativity Scene was completed.  The contemporary figures were joined by a 1950s angel from a comic.  It is a wonder that she's survived all this time.
So that was Christmas Day ... a lot of fun with church, family and friends thrown in ...

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