Thursday, 27 December 2012

Is it really so long ...

I can't believe that the days have slipped past so quickly ... but then ... it has been Christmas!  So how to catch up ... probably through pictures and maybe working backwards from last night.
That was WOW ... Worship on Wednesday met on Saint Stephen's Day.  We had a quick look at why the day is known as "Boxing Day" ... everyone had heard of the upper class custom of giving gifts to servants and tradesmen on that day ... a few had come across the idea that the Poor Boxes in churches were opened and the monies distributed ... and ... references to the lucky box of money on board sailing ships was a new concept.  Those boxes, on the safe return of the vessel to port, were then given to a priest to say a thanksgiving mass and at Christmas the boxes were opened and the contents shared out to the poor in the district.
As the craft activity we made boxes!  Or at least, some made boxes and others tried to!  The design is a simple one if the folding is carried out with care ... otherwise the end result is a bit higgledy piggledy.
Now there's an expression to get your mind around ... sixteenth century of unknown origin.

Higgledy Piggledy,  my black hen,  
she lays eggs  for gentlemen;  
sometimes nine,  and sometimes ten,  
Higgledy Piggledy,  my black hen!

I reckon that most of the readers haven't heard that rhyme in a year or two!
So, back to the pictures ... first of the WOW boxes ...

 The design is readily available on line if you Google Origami box ... and it is a useful container in which to put small gifts ... though if you make a bigger box then it would hold a larger gift!  These were from a square of ordinary paper taken from an A4 sheet.  The WOW leaflet had a photograph of a Rembrandt painting ... The Stoning of Stephen.
Next time I get back ... we'll take a look at Christmas Day!

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