Friday, 7 December 2012

A bit of catching up ....

Then it was two days ... now we're at seven!

The Christmas Tree is standing proudly ... 
The familiar decorations are joined by one or two new additions ... more of them another day.  Eliot is, of course, exhausted by all the effort!
At church ... Saint Nicholas' Day was a lot of work but the final concert was well worth the effort. 
The quartet Avalon joined thc choirs of Saint Nicholas' and Saint John the Evangelist (Magherally) for a tremendous evening of praise.  Such variety and quality ... a wonderful concert.
My icon was brought to church for the event and had pride of place in the chancel area.
At the west end two new banners told the story of Nicholas from his birth in Patara to being made bishop in Myra and finally the removal of his remains to Bari.  I consider myself very privileged to have been to each of these places.
The Nativity scene at Saint Nicholas' is again up and ready for Christmas morning ... our board now has a variety of wild and domesticated animals ...     

 I guess that most of those pictures don't need captions!
So ... the next thing ... Open Church in the morning ... another big concert on 17th ... Carols by Candlelight!
This week, if you're thinking of coming to the morning services, we have Holy Communion at 9.30 am and then the traditional service of Morning Prayer with the sung Litany at eleven o'clock.  As always, everyone is welcome.

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