Saturday, 8 December 2012


Whatever way you look at him he's gorgeous ... or I think so anyhow!
He had a few unexpected runs today and thoroughly enjoyed himself ... and he managed to stay away from rolling in anything that might bring on the need for a shower!
There's always plenty to keep him busy around the church grounds.
 He runs backwards and forwards between the two gates to ensure that no one enters the grounds without his permission!
 The least movement outside and he's off to check it out.
 It would be impossible to have him stop for photographs ... so you just set the camera on "sports" and hope for the best!
 Last time he was in kennels I had him groomed so you'll notice that his ears are not quite so untidy and they no longer dip into his water bowl when he drinks.
 Nothing escapes his notice as he runs to and fro.
 Underneath the bushes is a favourite spot and I suspect the resident squirrel was here at some stage as Eliot paid a great deal of attention to this particular spot.
 It was rather damp so, a good shake is required afterwards!  That's where "video" would be a better setting.
 And one final check before returning to the car to go home for a sleep!
That's more or less a day in the life of a dog!
Meanwhile we had open church as usual on Saturday ... not many folk around today.  It is possible that people are avoiding the city or the dull weather kept them from walking along the road.
It is a cosy corner and everyone who comes in is made very welcome with a cup of tea or coffee.
Meanwhile it afforded the opportunity for me to take some more photographs of the flowers in church ... a gift from The Posy Barn in Warringstown.

 They speak for themselves ... rather beautiful and seasonal.  The fresh poinsettias are perhaps not going to last for too long ... but they can be replaced.
 The icon is still in church because I want to continue the Nicholas theme on Sunday and speak about his life and example.
 We kept the Advent candle alight and also the lights on the Nativity Scene.  The giraffes moved overnight and have now taken up position behind the elephants ... the whole focus is on the stable ... and gradually the animals are gathering to see what is about to happen!

Father in heaven,
who sent your Son to redeem the world 
and will send him again to be our judge: 
Give us grace so to imitate him 
in the humility and purity of his first coming 
that when he comes again, 
we may be ready to greet him with joyful love and firm faith; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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