Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Eliot has already decided that it is long past his bedtime!
The poor dog can hardly keep open his eyes!  His house guest, Angel, has gone home and Eliot doesn't quite know what to do with himself.  Sleep is clearly the answer.
And sleep on a chair if he can get away with it.
Meanwhile ... I've lit a few candles ... watched them for a while ... prayed for parishioners and friends ... and made a coffee ... the next stage is bed for me too.
 It is interesting that the burned off area at the back of the fireplace picks up the colours of the IKEA scented candles.  They're a winter aroma of spices and cranberries ... very subtle and pleasant.  The large candle on the stand has much the same colour spectrum though it is older and has by now lost most of its perfume.
 Finally ... a random picture!  A turtle on a clothes peg ... I was given this in Bari and it always makes me smile with its cheerful face.  I guess a smile nearly always makes a person smile back!
The jug in the background, just a few inches high, is French ... not that this bit of information is relevant to anything!
Time for bed before the ramble becomes totally incoherent.  Good night.

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