Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Eliot and Angel appear to believe that they have a right to share in whatever food I happen to be eating.  Here it was some left over Key Lime Pie ... and I'm quite sure that's not particularly good for dogs!
I had no idea, until I Googled it just now, that there is such a thing as a "Key Lime" which is different from other limes!  It is Citrus aurantiifolia  according to that source of all knowledge ... Wikipedia.  I had assumed that it was associated with Florida ... and in that I was right.  Key Limes are bright yellow when ripe whereas we associate the lime colour with the fruit that is of Persian origin.  "You learn something new every day."
 There's a lot of plotting that goes on when Eliot and Angel get to spend some time together.  Do not be deceived by the innocent look ... they are up to something!
So when they enter the kitchen you notice that their strategy is to create a kind of pincer movement to encircle the food provider!  There is no escape.
When it comes to sharing their food ... that's not an option.  Each guards jealously his or her own dish and will clear up every last morsel just in case the other should have a taste.  When both have finished then it is okay to go and lick round the other's dish!  Strange animals.

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