Thursday, 5 January 2012

More bits and pieces ...

It has been a strange day ... a meeting at the hall at 9.30 am gave an opportunity for Eliot to have a bit of a run.  As we were preparing for a new downpour and more wind there was suddenly a rainbow over the fire station and church ... the camera was to hand ... and maybe not the best picture but certainly a reminder.  It might even find its way into a Thought for the Day one of these Thursdays!
 There wasn't much chance to catch any other photographs until later in the day.  Eliot spent most of the morning and early afternoon driving around with me ... he's getting to be quite patient as I go off and leave him and sometimes doesn't even bark in protest!  This is good.  Well ... it is good for me!  Imagine how it would be if he sat barking outside someone's house!
Through the window at the rectory we had the usual view of raindrops ... but there wasn't time to stand and stare as some friends were due to come for afternoon tea.  It is such fun to get out the china and set up the table.
The rest of the day has been sermon-type work and catching up with bits and pieces!  Such a useful term to cover all the miscellaneous things that fill an evening ... phone calls, dishes, ironing, reading, taking pictures ... as well as preparation for Sunday.
The photographs are relaxation ... for me, if not for Eliot.  His attitude this evening, having refused to be seen with any props, was to hide!  If he can't see me then he doesn't exist!  Or at least, he's not sleeping on the sofa!
 I imagined he was peeping out from behind his front legs and laughing at me!
Some time later I returned to find him in more or less the same place but no longer pretending that he was invisible.
Meanwhile I looked for subjects for the 365Project photograph.  As always ... there are too many things that I find interesting.  Tonight it was the coloured pencils.  A new tub of them ... why do I need coloured pencils?  I've no idea ... maybe it is like having a personal rainbow?
The opportunities were without limit ... so after playing with a number of images ... here's a selection to remind me that it is okay to be a bit daft now and again!
 There are friends who know me very well ... this fridge magnet was a gift from them at Christmas!  Enough said!
 Aren't the colours great ... it reminds me that Winston Churchill said that he was looking forward to seeing his artist's palette in heaven as he knew it would contain colours that we cannot even imagine here on earth.  (I used to know the correct quotation ... but that's the gist of it!)
 Looking at things from a different perspective can sometimes give new light on a familiar subject ... so here we are ... head on to the tub of pencils!
The daylight bulb gives a great light for taking indoor shots ... it has more uses than just helping to combat the winter darkness!
And now ... to bed!

All praise to him who came to save,
who conquered death and burst the grave;
each day new praise is sounding
to him the Lamb who once was slain,
the friend whom none shall trust in vain,
whose grace is still abounding;
sing, you people,
tell the story
of his glory,
till his praises
flood with light earth's darkest places!

Church Hymnal number 192 verse 3
Philipp Nicolai (1556-1608) and Johann Schlegel (1721-93)


julie moreland said...

i really do like the picture of eliot hiding behind the paw

keneva said...

A fun blog! Thanks. Love the photos of Eliot