Monday, 9 January 2012

Where do the days go?

Almost a week has gone by ... granted it has been a busy week ... but no blog!  At least there were photographs.  So ...
Friday ...
 The Feast of the Epiphany and lunch with good friends in the Mournes.  Eliot comes too, of course!

 He does find unusual places to play ... including the back of a flower bed in the conservatory!  Poor squashed plants.
 This gorgeous flower is just one of three ... stunning.
 Watching the birds is a constant distraction ...
 ... and the atmospheric misty clouds simply added to the beauty of the day.
 A good time ... and a lovely drive.
Saturday ... special service in church followed by party!  Great fun.
Eliot was in church early to check out the flowers ... all was well!
Next morning, Sunday, we had a beautiful unaccompanied processional hymn!  The choir is so good - I just love to listen to them.
 Meanwhile, back at the rectory there was a bit of a repair job to do on a wooden table ... this stuff works a treat and the white mark is almost gone!  Another few treatments and it will be back to normal.  Polished wood is grand ... until you set a hot and wet pot on it!
 The dog really doesn't care ... and simply sat trying to ignore the camera that always seems to point in his direction.
Which brings us neatly to today!  Once again the dog features ... I don't think I'd ever get tired taking pictures of Eliot.
 He knows when I'm expecting someone to call at the rectory and takes up position just in the hallway ... I love the way he squashes his chin on the ground as he tries to see under the door.
 By coming down to his level I managed to catch this rather pensive (or is it sad?) expression.  I'm sure he's just thinking about his next meal ...
 Then, sure that all is well with the world he curls up on "his" chair beside the poinsettia ... Christmas decorations now gone and the room restored to order with thanks to a friend who gave me a huge hand in packing stuff away.  You don't realise just how much stuff comes down for Christmas until it is time to store it for next year.  It is nice to get the room back to order and cleaned.
 Of the cleaning ... Eliot has no part!  In fact ... most of the obvious dirt is generated by him!  And he doesn't care!
So ... a few days at a glance ... but now the pictures are up to date ... the hands of the clock are moving swiftly to "bedtime" and ... the dog is already asleep!

Thank you, O Lord, of earth and heaven,
thank you for all your love has planned;
thank you for food and daily blessings,
gifts from your ever-gracious hand.

Church Hymnal number 371
James E Seddon (1915-83)


lesleyc said...

A great selection of photos!

ROBERTA said...

that last photo of E...pensive pooch...and a lovely contrast to the poinsettia...