Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WOW .... the second in the series ...

How quickly the months fly past from the last Wednesday to the last Wednesday.  The second of the experimental WOW services has happened ... this time on the theme of gifts and celebration.
 Champagne and party food gave us the opportunity to relax together ... and candles everywhere emphasized the theme of "light".
 The keys, painted yesterday and looking like something from a Dali painting (as one friend suggested) were today given a tag with a short bible verse on one side and a detail from the Saint Nicholas' window on the other.  Everyone received a little gift box with a key in it.
As we thought about the beginning of a new year the key becomes a symbol of Jesus who opens the way before us ... who is the key to life itself.  We, like the Magi, bring our gifts ... but God has given us the greatest gift of all in Jesus.
Now, having annoyed Eliot with a pair of Santa ears it is time to make my peace with him and go for an early night!
He pulled the ears off almost immediately and began to swing them round ... impossible to get a picture of that ... partly because it made me laugh so much!
Then, just before I stepped in to rescue them, he decided to have a good chew on them!  I'm guessing that the "hat tolerant phase" is now over!


keneva said...

WOW sounds fun - might have to try it one Wednesday!

ROBERTA said...

love what you did with the keys! you are so clever!

Nancy Wallace said...

What a great idea. How did you collect enough old keys? Or did you buy a new set of key blanks?

Harriet said...

I think Eliot has been very patient this Christmas - I have enjoyed is various hats and reading your blog. Happy New Year!