Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Unusual things that rectors do ....

Painting keys!
Yes ... that's what I said ... painting keys!
Old keys have now had a couple of coats of gold enamel paint ... and are drying off on a radiator so that they can be used tomorrow at WOW.
 Worship on Wednesday is a new style of service in Saint Nicholas' and we try to have some creative activity, shared food and worship all combined in three quarters of an hour!  People who don't usually go to church would feel at home just as much as those who regularly worship somewhere.  Little by little we are trying to engage with the community on our doorstep.  Literally "on our doorstep" as we're right on the edge of the pavement on the Lisburn Road.  When the weather gets warmer (though this winter hasn't been cold yet) there'll be a chance to use the tiny bit of grass in front of the church for outreach too.
I might even say how the keys were used when I write tomorrow's blog!  And perhaps there might even be an explanation about the animals that appeared in church on Sunday ... toy animals, I hasten to add!
Meanwhile ... Eliot continues to endure and enjoy Christmas.  Endurance comes when his owner decides to try to take "cute" photographs!
 There was something of a bargain going on here ... Eliot would wear the halo (for a short time) if he was allowed to sleep on the bed!
Posing is such hard work and he needed a rest after a couple of shots.  Not long after this one was taken the halo was on the floor and Eliot was still on the bed!

Tonight's verse is from one of the hymns we used on Sunday morning ... Christmas Day.  The day when Victoria Anne was baptised in Saint Nicholas'.  You've not seen photographs of that yet ... nor of the couple who returned to the church for their wedding anniversary (25th December)!  They are Raymond and Bobbie Moore ... and I didn't even manage to get them in the same shot!
I think you'd not easily forget the day that you were baptised!  Such a happy wee girl and a great experience for the church on Christmas morning.
After the service some folk stayed around to chat to Bobbie and Raymond.  It was so good to see them.
The remainder of Christmas Day was spent at my Wee Sister's ... but those photographs will have to wait ... there's quite a backlog with Kenya as well ... 

Joy has dawned upon the world, promised from creation:
God's salvation now unfurled, hope for ev'ry nation.
Not with fanfares from above, not with scenes of glory,
but a humble gift of love, Jesus born of Mary. 

Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.


ROBERTA said...

I like the photo of the "melting keys" - rather Salvador Dali-ish if you ask me!

And Eliot as an angel? HaHa! What a great sport he is....

Nancy Wallace said...

Really intrigued to know how the keys will be used. Please tell us in the next blog post! As ever - wonderful photos.