Thursday, 29 December 2011

Slow Day Off!

Today ... wet, dull, windy ... and a long sleep!  Bliss.  A lot of "nothing" all day ... coffee with a friend, dozing with the telly and eating marshmallows with the dog!  The latter probably wasn't the greatest idea of the day ... even if there were only a few in the bag.
Eliot tried out his new food mat ... it is supposed to soak up all the water that he spills.  Well, it is usually me who spills most of it ... but when the kitchen floor has been cleaned the mat will have pride of place under his dishes.
 He took his time to investigate every inch of it this evening!
Eliot seems to have survived the lazy day without too much bother ... having a few treats from his Christmas gifts no doubt helps pass the time!
Meanwhile his owner has been moving furniture around and trying to bring some order to the chaos ... a long and slow job!  But little by little there are spaces where once there was "junk".  Maybe someday I'll turn into a tidy and organised person ... but I may have to come back in another life for that to happen!
There is, of course, time to do really useful things ...
... like take photographs of a new silver turtle that I was given at Christmas ...
... or watch the bubbles of gel in an egg timer!
 There's something very satisfying about the little blue globules going round and round the spiral until they plop off the end into the reservoir!  Well ... I find it satisfying!
Finally, a puzzle!  Today, Thursday, there have been over three hundred hits on the home page of the church website!  That is a puzzle.  Most days there are a few.  Some days it goes into double figures.  But today, in one period of an hour, there were over a hundred views ... very strange!  Now, I'm not complaining about that ... but I'd love to know why there is a sudden rise in traffic.  Just to make sure that the trend continues I'd better give the address here again!
I do try to keep it up to date so that the next few services or events are listed in case anyone is looking for a place to worship on a Sunday or a Wednesday.  Most weeks there are a few pictures added as well and a large number from the Kenya trip at the beginning of December are there already.
So ... a gentle day off ... and a very restful one!

God is love: let heaven adore him;
God is love: let earth rejoice;
let creation sing before him,
and exalt him with one voice.
He who laid the earth's foundation,
he who spread the heavens above,
he who breathes through all creation,
he is love, eternal love.

Church Hymnal number 3
Timothy Rees (1874-1939)

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keneva said...

Good to hear you had a relaxing day off!