Thursday, 24 November 2011

Getting late ....

... been reading and forgot the time!  So maybe tonight will be a couple of pictures and nothing more!  Apologies to those who expect a "proper blog"!!!
 It was a dull day .... dry ... but grey.  The fuchsia made such a bright statement that I ended up taking dozens of pictures.
The wind was strong ... sometimes it gave an interesting effect ... and sometimes it ruined the picture altogether!
Rain from during the night was still sitting heavily on the petals of other flowers ... it seemed to slide off the fuchsias more easily.
 The variations in colour from one variety to the other is stunning.
Hydrangea pick up all the shades of pink on this soil and they thrive beside the sea.
Meanwhile, with Advent just around the corner, the nativity figures and various other characters are unpacked and ready for display.  When my morning walk started this group had gathered in the entrance.
 By the time I returned they were all in place!
 The wise men came a little early .... but .... does it matter?
 Meanwhile Scottie lies at the entrance to greet (or ignore) those who come and go.
 Clearly this morning he just wanted to sleep and wasn't too keen to pose.
 Eventually I annoyed him enough so that he sat up ... the nativity scene is in the background ....
This was taken just because the light caught the little tuft of hair that sticks up on his head!

So, that's it!

Sleep has come upon me .... night night.

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