Friday, 25 November 2011

Holy, holy, holy ...

 This appliqué is on the table linen in the chapel here at Drumalis ... the symbol of the Trinity in liturgical colours.  It was too wet to go out early this morning so I looked at the rain from inside!
 The sky held promise and, after breakfast, the rain had stopped and blue sky returned.
 But in first light there wasn't a great deal of hope!  You can be wrong!
 There is something very cosy about being indoors in the warmth when the wind and rain is howling around outside ...
... and the nativity scenes are appearing all over the building.
 These soft characters are in a small lounge.
 I loved the knitted wise men ...
 ... and maybe even more the sheep with their woolly shepherds .... or should that be the shepherds with their woolly sheep?
 So the eight days are almost completed ... many memories, a lot of thoughts, good food and well rested!  What more can you ask from a retreat?
 The rain is over (for the moment) and the sky is blue ...
 ... there are more clouds around ... and no doubt the rain will return ... but ... behind the clouds ... the sky is still blue ... even if we can't always see it!


The favours we have received from God.
How God dwells in us.
God, who delights in all creation.
All good gifts come from God.


Freda said...

I love the knitted characters - reminds me of a knitted nativity scene in one of my former churches.

ROBERTA said...

I too love the knitted nativity....and the rain on the windows, and the celtic trinity....I love it all! It looks like I'm going to meet Eva next week....hopefully, if we can coordinate our schedules:)

colliedoggie said...

We have the same knitted nativity figures in Mullavilly - always very popular.