Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It makes you think ...

Pictures, symbols, the visual impact of a display can often make a person stop and think in a way that a long essay or lecture can't.  This is as true of environmental issues as it is in any other area.
Over the years I've been drawn to a small box of sand at Drumalis.  In it are "grave markers" for the items we discard so thoughtlessly.
Given moisture, air and sunlight almost everything will eventually break down.  However, in landfill sites with a regular addition of fresh layers there's very little light or air in the lower parts so the process takes much longer.
Bananas, socks and even cigarette butts will decompose in under ten years.  Wood and plastic bags take longer.  Disposable nappies will still be around up to 500 years after the baby has finished with them!
 The same goes for coke cans ... but one of the shockers is glass!  One million years.  No wonder we try to recycle as much of it as possible.
Finally ... the worst of all ... the Styrofoam items!  It appears that they will quite simply never break down.  Perhaps paper cups are the way to go after all?
I could see a school assembly developing out of this information!
It's a reminder to be a bit more careful about the things we use and how they are dumped.

The earth is the Lord's ...  


Mozette said...

There's a job centre I'm going to which has all the renewable things going for it. They're doing all the right things... however, when you go to get a glass of water from their water container, they Styrofoam cups! I always hesitate to grab one as I know they don't break down at all... so, now, I've gotten into the habit of bringing in my own bottle of water. At least I know the plastic I bring in is recyclable.

Freda said...

The disposable nappies worried me, Yet couldn't condemn young parents to the tyranny of the terry nappies. I used them for 4 children and got through several washing machines. Perhaps we need to pressure the manufacturers to come up with a bio-degradable sort.