Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why is it ...

... that you have to iron the entire shirt before discovering ... on the last section ... that there's a stain with which you cannot live?  So, back into the machine for another wash ... freshly ironed and never worn.  This is a great injustice!
To make matters appear to be worse ... this all happened "a great while before day"!
You've got to laugh, I suppose!
At least it gives me a chance to pray for friends ... a big number of them in need ... the injured, the ill, some in almost constant pain, those waiting for tests and the results of tests, those far from home, the bereaved, some facing uncertain futures and employment issues, others experiencing depression, some with challenging tasks ahead ... that list goes on and on.
It is still too dark to see the clothes line to peg out the washing so I'll get back to my book!

Then hear, O gracious Saviour,
accept the love we bring,
that we who know your favour
may serve you as our King;
and whether our tomorrows
be filled with good or ill,
we'll triumph through our sorrows
and rise to bless you still:
to marvel at your beauty
and glory in your ways,
and make a joyful duty
our sacrifice of praise!

Church Hymnal number 362 verse 2
Michael Perry (1942-96)

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ROBERTA said...

Ironing is my most favorite chore - I actually don't even consider it a chore but a relaxing, contemplative practice....weird, huh?