Monday, 10 October 2011

Washday blues.

Or so the song title goes ...

Here there is no blue sky ... but then, that's quite normal this year ... but lots of other blues!  At least half of my shirts are blue ... they are in various shades and some are a great deal more faded than others.
(I use only wooden pegs ... don't like the colourful plastic ones!)

This is a particular favourite and will be worn tomorrow ... a necessity since some of tonight's dinner remains on today's fresh shirt.  The washing dried off eventually today after having had a thorough soaking on the line overnight!  Linen that has enjoyed the outdoors does smell wonderfully fresh and clean!
How much the weather affects our mood ... sometimes more than others, and some people more than others.  It seems that, if you're feeling "blue" anyhow ... the constant dull days do nothing to lift your mood!  At least sunshine doesn't make things feel any worse even if it can't solve all problems!
At the upstairs desk the computer screen shows the three millionth book to be made available free for Kindle and other applications.  A momentous occasion ... so I downloaded it!!!!  "Dialogo de Cecco di Ronchitti" (1605) ... this sounds just the thing for bedside reading! It is believed to be the work of Galileo ... this will be a bit of an Italian challenge ... or maybe I should begin with the "Janet and John" equivalent?  I wonder is there an Italian version ... it would probably be called "Chiara and Fabio"!
It might be a good exercise to look out the "Learn to speak Italian" information ... though perhaps I ought to concentrate on Swahili for a while ... the Kenyan trip in December is beginning to feel like a reality ... so it will be back to "Jambo", "Habari yako" and "mzuri sana" for a while ... and the most useful "Bwana asifiwe"  (Praise the Lord) with the reply to "Praise him very much": "Asifiwe sana".  Maybe the most useful of all ... Sijaelewa .... I don't understand!
We had our first team meeting tonight and are now on the final few weeks of jabs and 'stuff' before we fly out on the 5th December.  It has been a good exercise to read though my journal from the 2006 visit ... that was one of those life-changing times!  The journal for this visit to be present when Bishop Jeremiah Taama retires could begin now ... but it is unlikely to be on-line!  Snippets from it may make their way onto the blog ...

Lord Jesus, think on me,
nor let me go astray;
through darkness and perplexity,
Lord, point the heavenly way. 

Lord Jesus, think on me,
that, when the flood is past,
I may the eternal brightness see,
and share your joy at last.

Church Hymnal number 554 verses 3 and 4
Synesius (375-430) 

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