Sunday, 16 October 2011

Is that the time?

Well ... no ... that was the time we finished afternoon tea!  (This is a clock that projects the time onto the ceiling!  Fun!)  
My sister did "the works" with dainty sandwiches, gorgeous mini cakes and a Victoria Sponge!  Cups and saucers with pretty napkins and champagne jelly, cheese and biscuits ... must have forgotten half of it!  Scrumptious.

 The occasion was a family gathering just before my niece was baptised.  Eliot, of course, was around as well.
He "enjoys" the car journey ... if dogs "enjoy" things ... and I took a couple of pictures while we were waiting at traffic lights ... just pointed the camera into the back of the car and hoped for the best!

 Later on I managed to get him to sit for a few pictures ... and those who follow his adventures will understand that this is not the easiest thing to achieve!

There's a small plaque set into one of the flagstones at my sister's place ... I'd given it to her many, many years ago ... and now it has a permanent home.  It was beside it that Eliot posed ... he thought that he might be allowed into the house ... he was mistaken!

 It is always useful to know where you are!  So this leaves you in no doubt whatsoever.
As I said, the event we were celebrating was my niece's baptism ... so just a shot of the screen that enabled the congregation to see what was happening in the tank as the three candidates were immersed one after the other.

 A song chosen by the candidate was sung after their baptism ... my niece chose "Amazing grace".
This was a beautiful end to quite a long day with our own services in the morning at Saint Nicholas'.  Really enjoyed both of them as well.  
Now, the dog is curled up ready for bed ... and I guess that's where I ought to be too!

So in the threefold Name today
baptized in faith from all our sins,
we turn to Christ, our Truth and Way,
the Life in whom our life begins;
to Christ who saves and sets us free,
his followers and friends to be.

Church Hymnal 395 verse 5
Timothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926)


lesleyc said...

Waow! A mouthwatering spread... And a very special day too.

Is Eliot a well behaved passenger in the car?

Rev Elizabeth said...

Eliot adores being the passenger ... though sometimes he likes to pretend he's the driver!