Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Today (actually yesterday - Monday!).

 Oh what a day ... got totally soaked while waiting for a bus ... rain bouncing off everything and blowing quite a gale!  Very gloomy day indeed.
Earlier I'd had a meeting in Church House and took the opportunity to have another wander around Saint Anne's.
 It wasn't exactly a great day for taking pictures ... too stormy for the umbrella to provide adequate shelter for the camera.
Inside the cathedral all was beautiful and peaceful - as you'd expect.  This was the kneeler I used today - it looks to me to be like one of the older designs.  I wonder is there a record somewhere of the folk who did each of them ... they have numbers on the underside ...
 I like the simplicity of the building ... the pale stone ... the light ....
 ... and the windows.
It's a good place to go, to light a few candles for friends and to sit in the stillness before having to attend committee meetings!  Getting soaked on the way home isn't such a big problem ... you can get dried out very easily there.

'Set your troubled hearts at rest':
hear again the word divine;
all our Father does is best;
let his peace be yours and mine.

Be at peace, then, and rejoice,
loved and comforted and blessed;
hear again the Saviour's voice:
'Set your troubled hearts at rest'.

Church Hymnal 626 verses 1 & 4
Timothy Dudley-Smith (b. 1926)

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