Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Here and there.

 What a morning.  Rain, drizzle and grey sky!  The garden is sodden and taking pictures under the trees is a sure way to get sprinkled!
 As always, Saint Nicholas' is looking good.  We had the usual service of Holy Communion here at one o'clock today.
 Nothing new on the Eliot front ... though someone did suggest that I get him a companion. I don't think so!!
 As the mat says, "A spoilt rotten dog lives here"!  To have two of them might just be a bark too far.
Breathe your Holy Spirit
into every heart;
bid the fears and sorrow
from each soul depart. 

Church Hymnal number 338 verse 2
William Pennefatehr (1816-73)


ROBERTA said...

aww...poor eliot....he looks so sad when he is wet...must be those puppy dog eyes of wonder he's so spoiled! i know that i would not be able to resist them!

keep dry!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi Roberta ... good to see you here again.

lesleyc said...

And it's dry outside today!!!

I think Eliot would be miffed if he had to share you with another dog...

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes Lesley ... he might well be! Nice day today.

lesleyc said...

I walk through Botanic Gardens each morning to get to work beside BCH and this morning I had the pleasure of meeting one wee black terrier type dog, an 8 mth old Irish Wolfhound and a wee rusty coloured spaniel. A wonderful start to the day!