Thursday, 13 October 2011

A funny old day!

 As is usual ... Eliot wanted to go out as soon as we were awake.  But these mornings are very dark and gloomy.  It wasn't raining ... but you couldn't see much.  Resisting the use of flash this was the best picture that was possible in the available light.
The coffee packet was taken at the same time while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for the first mug of the day!  Strength 6 is about right to provide a kick start!  It is a very dark blend as befits the day!
The rest of the day trundled along ... Eliot pretended to be tired!
I do wonder about him sometimes.  He has a dedicated arm chair and a wool lined basket ... so he lies on the hard floor with his head resting on an icy cold cast iron turtle!

Through the long night watches
may thine angels spread
their white wings above me,
watching round my bed. 

Church Hymnal number 68 verse 6
Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)


ROBERTA said...

I have a feeling that when you are gone Eliot and the turtles have some deep conversations regarding the meanings of their lives:)

Anonymous said...

And I thought strength 4 was being brave! I'll give 6 a go under strict supervision. MrsMcF

Mozette said...

Yep, my Little Miss Stevie has some strange habits too. She acts all 'woe is me, you hate me, I'm not worthy to be your little birdy' attitude while I'm doing stuff around the room. But once I'm on the computer and the radio's going, she has some really deep, meaningful conversations with my stereo system... once I come downstairs, she stops talking and looks at me as though I have intruded on something private and should leave.
The same thing happens when I turn down the loud adverts on the television; and she's been chatting to the tv. She'll suddenly stop talking as though I'm not worthwhile talking to.

So, you're not alone.

But then, my little bird will jump onto my hand, poop on me and treat me like I'm all there in her world... you may say yuk to the poop, but that's her way of telling me that I'm hers. :P