Sunday, 11 September 2011

Waiting ... and waiting ...

Eliot is a master at waiting!
It appears that he can read the computer screen and when the Domino's Pizza is at stage 5 - on its way - he takes up position by the door and, with his nose often pressed at the crack along the bottom, he snuffs his way through the next ten or fifteen minutes.
 As soon as the vehicle stops he's bolt upright and ready to bark or play as the mood takes him!
Seriously, how does he know?
I can work at lots of things on the computer and he doesn't take any interest but as soon as the meal is on the tracking screen he's alert and waiting.  It certainly puzzles me.
I wonder do the different web sites emit some kind of high frequency noise that sounds different when Domino's is booked?  It is most peculiar behaviour.
But then ... he is a very strange dog.
For him Sunday must be the worst of all days ... he's left alone for the morning services ... hardly sees me at all in the afternoon ... and then I head out to an evening service and abandon him again.  Yet still he loves me!
Today was enjoyable (for me, if not for Eliot).  Although the wild and wintry weather kept all but the most hardy souls at home there was a lovely atmosphere in church and I really didn't notice the smaller numbers once we started.  It probably helps that folk are dotted all over the place so it looks more populated than it really is!
Tonight I was preaching somewhere else and they had quite a crowd at the evening service.  That was a good experience too and the sound system is very efficient.  Even better ... there was coffee and cake afterwards and it appeared that most people stayed for that and for some conversation.
It is going to feel a bit odd to be off next Sunday ... though I know where I want to go to church ... this is the second of my summer Sundays!
The featured turtles today are part of the Wade Porcelain collection.  According to E-bay the bigger one is rare, but I'm not so sure about that.  It may simply be that the seller hasn't seen another one!
 The mix of colours on these glazed creatures is very pleasing - I think.
So ... that was Sunday!  Many meetings and bits and pieces lie ahead tomorrow ... so, a little folding of the hands and a little nodding of the head and I'll be asleep!  It won't take much rocking to get me over ... and I doubt if the expected storm will waken me ... unless it disturbs Eliot!


julie said...

any pizza left over, suzy ants to knows.... im surprised suzy is snuggling up to me, left all day yesterday and last night, then church this morn and this evening and mums for lunch, and she is snuggling up to me

ROBERTA said...

Eliot is a Zen master when it comes to waiting:)
Your weather sounds awful...Summer finally arrived here - it's been hot for over a week...and the poor kids are already back in school - missing out on the late arrival of summer! Hope you shared that pizza with the Zen master:)

lesleyc said...

I really believe dogs can read minds and guinea pigs seem to have the same ability - friends say they actually read body language but I'm not convinced!

My mother had a turtle very like that biggest one - I think its shell lifted off and rings could be kept in it...

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, Lesley - the shell lifts off.
I don't know what dogs read ... but they're certainly a step ahead!