Sunday, 11 September 2011

"Too late, too late", shall be the cry!

Too late to blog ... result of barbecue (of the indoor variety) and watching the Last Night of the Proms when I got home ... and then playing with the dog .... and pottering .... and ... it has gone midnight!
Ah well.  It's not the first time.
Eliot's contribution was a grudging moment under the blue and yellow umbrella ... but I mean a moment!  He just wasn't in the mood for a picture.  I know how he feels.
But right now I'm yawning my head off ... so it will be all pictures and no text ...
The wooden turtles got another look in ... with the one made from different woods an interesting gift from a colleague years and years ago.  The top and front two legs swivel round so it can end up in a very challenging state!

 This is Poppy ... the Rural Dean's new pup.  Bad picture because she was wriggling and the light was poor.  Gorgeous wee dog.
 Fun outfit for Rule Britannia!  Always interesting to see the dress!
 Looks as if the local proms in the park was a great success too.
Sorry for the brevity .... but it is an early start tomorrow!
Good night.

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