Monday, 12 September 2011

Dear Blog ...

... there's not time tonight!  It has been incredibly long day with many activities and Katia hanging around as well.  Still have some computer work to do .... Windy weather with lots of small branches down.
 The watch photograph was taken shortly after I got up!  It had to be done in electric lighting as the day is still pitch black at that stage!  This means that the marcasite looks like gold ... it isn't.
 Now ... into what room does this very pretty door lead ...?
 .... the ladies toilet, of course!
Isn't it magnificent?
 Finally, a lovely table lamp in a room that I was in today ... the colours are even stronger than the photograph suggests.  "Thou shalt not covet ... "
Right ... need to get back to work.
Apologies for brevity.  

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Anonymous said...

No apologies required. I always marvel that you have time for anything! Beautiful colours in the stained glass, brightening up a dull morning. MrsMcF