Thursday, 15 September 2011

Musings at the end of a day off ...

 These three are heavy for their size.  The carved one at the front is Welsh slate .. then volcanic tuft and another at the back which may be basanite ... a volcanic extruded rock with a fine texture.
People have asked where these turtles are all kept ... this collection was on the study windowsill ... but many shelves, tables, mantlepieces, bookcases ... all have their quota of the creatures.  As for counting them ... at one stage, many years ago now, a couple of young cousins reached well over two hundred ... and with the collection growing regularly ... I have simply no idea!  Then questions arise ... does a set of embroidered towels count as four turtles ... or just one, since it is the same design on each towel?
The other question that comes even more readily to mind is: Who cares?!!!

I'm crazy about turtles ... and that's enough!

They come in many shapes, sizes and substances ... so?!!

Even as I type there are three sitting ON the laptop and one transfer image stuck to it!  The bathroom at home has them stencilled on all walls and ceiling ... and inside the cabinet!  Blame my wee sister who gave me the stencil!  It would have been churlish not to use it.

Always when you see photographs of objects without any reference points it is hard to determine just how small (or big) the pieces are.  So, once again here is the A4 page with the volcanic and metamorphic origin turtles plus an ebony carved wooden one.  They're not so big after all.
 Totally indifferent to the turtle crisis my dog simply gazes into the distance perhaps wondering when he's going to receive proper attention.
 Autumn is coming as he watches the leaves begin to fall, but walking hasn't been happening as much as he'd like.  Just at the minute I'm not able to take him very far but he's a patient old soul ... not so old maybe ... and will be happy to go along just as soon as I take him.
Meanwhile lots of folk are in particular times of need ... so candles have been lit!  Maybe your name is on one of them!
Here's a prayer attributed to Saint Augustine.

Watch, O Lord, 
     with those who wake, 
          or watch, 
               or weep tonight, 
and give your angels charge over those who sleep.
Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
     Rest your weary ones.
          Bless your dying ones.
               Soothe your suffering ones.
Pity your afflicted ones.
     Shield your joyous ones,
          and all for your love's sake. 



Karen/hwy61 said...

Elizabeth, that prayer is beautiful. I am going to share it. Thank always have such good timing.

keneva said...

I told you we needed those prayers!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, thank you! Thanks Karen! Thanks Eva.