Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Well ....

... that was Wednesday!
That was Wednesday!
It began.

Maybe a bit earlier than I'd have wanted but when daylight dawned it was a dry day and not terribly cold!  These things always matter!!
To prepare for a friend coming some cornflowers and sweet pea were gathered and Eliot, for once, hopped up onto the chair and posed for three, maybe four, shots!  He has become very compliant ... should I be worried?
These two flowers are among my all time favourites ... and the perfume of the sweet pea is one that I find most pleasant.  Eliot doesn't have an opinion on the flowers as far as I know ... take it or leave it ... you can't eat them or chase them so why would you bother?!!
He had a long day on his own today ... soon after breakfast, and the inevitable turtle picture I headed off for a meeting.
The turtle picture ... okay ... today's was a seed head, a fibrous little fellow ... covered in dog hair which I didn't notice until it was magnified on the screen!  I like his unusual "fur" ... if a turtle is permitted to have "fur" instead of shell ... and the early dawning light is just right for capturing the detail.

Now, where was I?  Ah yes ... ended up in Saint Anne's for a while and took the opportunity to pray for a number of friends.  I just love the "candle tree" and really appreciate being able to "light a candle" for someone.  It's something that I often do at home ... good too that it is now possible in the Cathedral.
There was something rather special about the building today ... even with a large party of German tourists the corners of quiet were special.
 I think I'll gather a set of photographs of the eagle lecterns ... they are all so beautifully crafted.
The Cathedral itself is light and airy and the perpendiculars do just what they should; as does the labyrinth that leads you in from the great west door.
 We spent a bit of time in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit just inside the entrance ... a beautiful small restful place with new books for daily prayer.  I like it.
 After the one o'clock Eucharist in Saint Nicholas' some of us retired to The Coffee Club for dessert!  Exceedingly tasty ... though I have my own idea as to what the one on the left might be called!  The friend who had it enjoyed the flavours in spite of my comments!  I opted for the sunnier egg custard ... very light and good.
 So began the afternoon.  I was on my way to do a visit when, thankfully, remembered that the car was booked in to Kwik-Fit to get a new ignition coil.  This means that I'm (or the car is) firing on all cylinders again.  The extremely observant mechanic also found a potentially very dangerous problem ... easy to fix but ... if the wire had burned through ... as it was likely to do in the near future, of if I'd undertaken a long journey ... the car driver might just have burned through as well!  That's a bit of a scary thought! It certainly makes you think ... really think!
However, all is now well and the diagnostic machine was hooked up to my car's brain to double check that no further problems exist at the moment.
Don't you sometimes wish there was such a machine for the human brain ... scan the contents and list the problems ... then the experts know just what buttons to push and what wires to pull so that all is fixed!
Indeed, it is even better than that ... the memory is then wiped clean!  Surely there is a sermon in that?  "As far as the east is from the west" might be rephrased as "a clean as the memory in a reset diagnostic machine" ... but maybe that doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily.

 One of the books I've been reading recently is Brennan Manning's "Souvenirs of Solitude".  The subtitle is "Finding Rest in Abba's Embrace" and I'd recommend it already, even before finishing it.
Part of its beauty (not counting the delightful creamy paper and pleasing binding) is the frequent inclusion of some of his meditations ... conversations with God ... that sprinkle every chapter.

How about this one?

Lord, it's almost too good to be true.
But you are the truth
and you said it,
so I know it's real.

Today  I asked you
to speak to my heart,
a word I could hear
and understand.

And you said, very clearly, 
"I want you to be with me
where I am." 

Lord, even the people
who love me most
need a vacation
from me
now and then.

But you don't want one!
You want me with you
where you are

The feeling is mutual!

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lesleyc said...

Might Eliot think the turtles are usurping him in the blog so he reckons it's time to co operate?

Wonderful blog - the candle tree is beautiful.