Friday, 16 September 2011

Ah ... another evening has passed all too quickly ...

Right now.
Photo-blog it is tonight.
There I was "in the arms of Morpheus" when Eliot decided that it was time to awake from slumber ... no, not the morning waking ... but just a little while ago!  The television programme that I was watching must have been riveting!
It was a very early start with school assembly ... it isn't all that early but, to miss the awful traffic en route, it is easier to go early and wait in the car.  Russian dolls came too ... they were the illustration for a talk that pointed out that God knows all about us and loves us.  Different people can see into different layers .... but only God can see the potential that we can't even see in ourselves.  From the reaction of the delightful boys and girls ... I don't think that they'd seen Matryoshka dolls before.  
 The Eliot picture was snapped just before I left for the school when he was munching away at his breakfast.  I'd not realised just how much his head moves when he's eating ... hardly a decent shot among the bunch.
Turtles don't have that problem ... where you put them, they stay.  Of Mexican origin this cheery ceramic one is another from the study windowsill.  Eventually they'll all have a bath if this craze continues ... they simply "gather dust" up there ... so it will be good to see them all clean again!
 The paper is A4 as usual ... and it was taken in the dull early morning light that soon turned to rain clouds!
 Some friends and I share dessert at lunch time ... though when I say "shared dessert" you ought to read "each had the same choice from the menu"!  The famous "T" is rather a give-away when it comes to guessing where we dined.  The set two course menu is good value and the food is superb.
 And more food!
Dainty Little Cupcakes is a new business ... you'll remember that I won a dozen of the rhubarb and raspberry ones a couple of days ago.
These six flavours are for a coach party from Saint Ann's in Dawson Street who are coming for coffee in the morning and will have a little tour of Saint Nicholas'.  I'm looking forward to welcoming them to our church and am very grateful to those who are coming along to help pour tea and coffee.  Maybe the heavy rain of today will stay away for them tomorrow ... hope so.
 Dainty Little Cupcakes are: Chocoholic, Banoffee, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Vanilla and Blueberry.  How would you choose between that selection?
 I love the little shamrocks on the vanilla ...
 ... but then there are chocolate stars on this one and the glittery blueberry looks magnificent as well!
What a feast!  And I've not touched one of them ... yet!
And bed is calling ... Morpheus is on the landing ... and his son Somnus is with him and together they will bear me away to the land of dreams (again)!  Tomorrow is going to be very busy ... with Hymn celebration in the late afternoon in the Cathedral and also many other bits and pieces to do during the day.  It looks like one of those days when there simply are not enough hours.
So ... a good rest first.

Lord, I know you smile on us.
And your smile
is brighter than the sun.
When the days seem dark and dismal,
and everything looks black,
help us, Lord,
to remember
the glory of your smile.

Last stanza of a meditation by Brennan Manning in his book "Souvenirs of Solitude".


ROBERTA said...

i love the way E is completely engaged with his food. dogs have much to teach us about remaining in the present:)

julie moreland said...

any of those lovely choc ones going spare to a good home, ha ha, we had a lovely day at the womens conference at church, we had pink cupcakes which were lovely, i helped make scones for the 1st time, rather enjoyable day