Monday, 5 September 2011

Pressure, pressure, pressure!

Any minute now there'll be questions asked about the whereabouts of today's blog ... and it is almost time for my one bit of television watching in the week!  "New Tricks" in half an hour.
Why do I like it so much ... ?  Police murder mystery always appeals, the actors are good ... do I need to find any other reason?
Meanwhile, in the few minutes before the computer is shut down for the night here's today's picture which one friend described as "Face to face with a carapace race"!  The giant (over four foot long) cast iron turtles really should be set as stepping stones in a lawn ... but I think they're too special for that so they've been located on the carpet ever since the Christmas when I was given them.  Here they're on a table cloth and the footprints belong to Eliot!
I did put the cloth on the hall floor and while lying down to get a good angle the dog decided to try to lick my face!  He'd been outside earlier so muddy footprints are the result.  I'd not planned to wash the cloth but now I'm going to have to do that.
 The same friend gave this picture the title, "Bye bye blackbird" when he read how Eliot had just chased one of them out of the garden and was watching the beech tree very carefully in case it decided to return!
Monday is my lunchtime in Saint Nicholas and the inscription on this book rest caught my eye.  It was presented by the Sunday School teachers in January 1901 ... just days before the church was dedicated.  Wouldn't you love to know how they felt at the prospect of a brand new and very impressive church?
 We use this stand every week at the Wednesday lunch time service of Holy Communion.  Could those teachers have imagined that a hundred and ten years after they gave this that we'd still be using it regularly?
The beautiful blue sky of the early morning had gone as quickly as it had come and heavy rain followed.  In a break in the showers the standard rose at Saint Nicholas' looked particularly fresh and beautiful.  A little while ago I'd given it a good pruning and the reward is a second flowering of these magnificent orange/yellow blooms.
 It doesn't have a perfume but it does catch your eye!
 And it looks good against the stone of the church building.
So ... goodnight all ... or good morning if you happen to be reading this when you get up!  Don't forget to visit the parish web site for up to date information on service times and things like that!  It is always great to have visitors drop in to the services and, if you decide to make Saint Nicholas' your home church, so much the better!!

Now, coffee and "New Tricks" and then an early night.


julie said...

yeah got reading the blog just before bed, im late tonight was at work til 1130pm,

Mozette said...

Isn't Eliot just the funniest dog! Love him and his antics. :)

And those roses are just gorgeous. They remind me of the ones I saw in Edinburgh when I visited in 1997. I was on Princes Street waiting for a bus to take me back to my hotel and I turned around and looked through the fence and there were roses that looked exactly like these ones in the sun! How lovely to see them again.
I'll have to dig out the photos and photograph them with my digital camera to show you. :)
And that stand that's been in the church is lovely! Amazing how they built things to last back then, isn't it; and yet we live in such a throw away society now.

ROBERTA said...

the longevity of the book rest is impressive...those sunday school teachers would be mighty pleased to know it's still in use...and the roses are stunning....and i too love New Tricks...though we don't get new episodes over here as fast as you do....and now i have that theme song playing over and over in my head:)