Sunday, 4 September 2011

Maybe I should just call it "Sunday"?

Trouble is ... been a long day ...
Started bright with blue sky ... that didn't last!
But no complaints ... it was the first bright morning we've had in ages.  Right now, of course, it is cold and wet ... but it is also almost bedtime!
Eliot got a bit of a run in the sunshine.
Hopefully that meant that while I was at Holy Communion he was fast asleep!
The afternoon had a beautiful ordination service for four new deacons in Connor Diocese.  One of them, Mellissa, was our Student Reader for the last few months so it was a privilege to be there for her.  There were quite a number of Saint Nicholas' folk there too.  The church, Saint Colman's in Dunmurry, was packed and the atmosphere was terrific.
 The new Deacons look so happy and comfortable in their vocation ... may God's blessing rest upon them in the days ahead.
It was fun too for me to meet face-to-face a Facebook friend for the first time!  This is now the fourth time that has happened ...
I also met someone with whom I'd worked on CSSM in Greystones back in the mid 1970s!!  Wish we'd had longer to chat ... hopefully our paths will cross again.  If anyone else worked on that team ... I was cook for three or more years ... would be interesting to catch up!
That's been a really good day ... with a few turtle pictures to add to the collection!

The little fridge magnet was bought in London Zoo sometime back in the early 1980s when we did the annual Year Ten visit during Holy Week.   
A heart shaped stone box, machine tooled I think, has two turtles stuck to it ... so cute and only seven centimetres long.  
The pottery tub is even smaller with a diameter of just over four centimetres.  The person who made it stamped AC on the inside ... wouldn't you love to know who is the artist?
I really must stop this crazy obsession of a daily picture of one or more of the turtle collection ... it could go on for another half year ... but maybe just one or two more days and then  back to a "normal" 365Project for a while.  Not that I have any intention of stopping the photo shoots with Eliot ... but maybe that's different!  Today wasn't a great day for that ... early in the morning I saw him in the back garden just watching the world go by ... 
He's such a contented and trusting dog ... but still learning obedience ... there's a sermon in that somewhere!  Look how the trees are turning colour already!  Autumn is upon us.
So ... how was your Sunday ... and what is the first word you think of when you hear the word 



ROBERTA said...

"community"...and then i thought of the word "closed"...oh dear...then i thought of "family"...

nice zen shot of E in the back garden...he could teach us a thing or two about being "present"

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi, good to see you here .... that was the question that I asked at the beginning of yesterday's sermon ....

lesleyc said...

So many words come all at once that I'm not even sure which is first: peace, wood or light!

The turtles are so varied that I think they could feature for a while yet.