Tuesday, 6 September 2011


This is a random and unplanned shot of Eliot sniffing some chocolate that didn't quite work!  The camera was in my hand as he appeared ... it was too good a chance to miss!
I'd been trying to take a picture of a chocolate spoon on a white background when he himself turned up!  Curiosity has to be his middle name.
The trouble is there's too much contrast between the white paper and the dark evening gloom under the table.
Picnik is a photo processing programme (free) so I had a little play with the picture to see if something could be done to "improve" it.
Not the best picture of the dog but one that is so characteristic of him as he has to investigate everything that is going on.  Mostly he's then happy to go off to do his own thing ... but when it comes to chocolate ... my hand is about to restrain him for a very good reason!  If only he'd eat "dog chocolate" it wouldn't be so bad ... he turns up his nose to that!
Meanwhile on the turtle front they still keep coming!  A new one arrived yesterday as a gift from friends who'd been to Fuerteventura.   It is the category of a non-turtle!
 The shape is stamped out on a small bookmark and I think that it looks good against the dark background.
The book in question was given to me a few weeks ago and is a collection of daily Lectio Divina meditations on scripture passages using The Message translation.  Not only does the book look and feel good ... it is also a very thoughtfully crafted devotional guide.  The black volume beneath it is one of my favourite Bibles ... a gift from Kilkeel High School in 1999 when I left to begin training for ministry.
So, time now to finish off the blog and consider an early night ... maybe a bit of ironing first to get warm.  The evenings have drawn in and tonight is very cold and damp.  All day there have been showers of "sideways rain" with some brief brighter spells.  Autumn is here with vengeance and the leaves are coming off the trees in bucketfuls.  The gardener is due tomorrow so I hope it is dry for him ... though the ground is very soft.
I guess the weather is one of those things over which we have no control ... I'm just thankful that there is central heating!
Maybe I should also have included a picture of today's lunch and the minutes before it arrived?
 It is very convenient to have the Kindle in your handbag you're while waiting for a tasty piece of cod to be prepared.  The book on it here is Sebastian Barry's "On Canaan's Side".  The writing is superb and it is full of imaginative descriptions ... the sort of thing that you want to read slowly so that you can savour every word.  Who ever thought of Hollandaise sauce as a "yellow prayer on a plump cod steak"?  But I know what he means.


ROBERTA said...

it's good to see E give his FULL and UNDIVIDED attention to CHOCOLATE! there is a sermon idea in there somewhere:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, he certainly provides food for sermons!