Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My goodness ...

... in the last seven days this blog site has had the following visits!

United Kingdom
United States

How do you find it ... who are you?  It would be most interesting to discover something about the "audience"!

And right now ... there are two UK readers, one from Slovakia and one from the United States!  Wow!  

Google search and coming from the Parish website are the main routes that folk use to find the blog with others arriving from the 365Project and some from searching for a particular word.  "Blue" seems to be the biggest draw!

So ... with that bit of trivia I'll shut down for the night and see how the statistics change.  It is something that I rarely look at so was interested to see the range of countries represented.  There are not huge numbers of people reading "The Rev and a Dog" but clearly somebody is!
The question remains .... "Why"?

I'm going to a funeral in the morning so here's a prayer before bedtime .... 

O Lord,
support us all the day long
until the shades lengthen, and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed,
the fever of life is over,
and our work is done.
Then, Lord, in your mercy grant us safe lodging,
a holy rest, and peace at the last;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

We have entrusted our brother to God's gracious keeping .... 

Book of Common Prayer


lesleyc said...

And what time of the night is that to be sitting at a computer?!!!

Mirmax (Hildegard) said...

I am one of the 86 US readers. I know you from the 365 project and started a year ago to also read your blog. Usually, I don't write comments, but I think it is cruel not to let you know who is inspired by you. I am a translator and that can be a very lonely profession at times. At the end of the day, I am usually going to your blog (around 2am your time) and have my spiritual moment for the day. It is a wonderful way to take my mind off work and to have a moment to myself. And you give me food for thought (most of the time). Thanks a lot!!!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Goodness ... how wonderful! Thank you Hildegard ... and Lesley ....
Thank you for your comments - will keep blogging (most of the time!!!).