Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Just thinking ....

 ...that the turtle theme is going to end for a while.  For fifty days I have taken pictures of selected turtles and turtle printed objects ... and only about a third of the collection has been seen!  My 365Project has been dominated by the little fellows and I feel the need to take a break.  Sometimes I may follow the theme suggested ... other times it will be a random record of my life!
 wording on the pencil is "Shell we" ... I've had that pencil for twenty years!!!  Love it with the plastic turtle that has pink legs!
The pen lights up when you write .... and it sits beside one of the telephones ... in fact ... both of them are kept in this turtle mug ...
 I was trying to do a close up of Eliot this morning when he decided to try to lick the camera!  Yes, I really did have it that close to his nose!  I'm not sure if the movement in the picture is me pulling back or him moving forward!  A split second later and the lens would have been a sorry mess.
 It is a bit odd to take the pencil out for a sky picture ... I'll probably keep taking a morning sky for a while.  It too is on a 365Project album ... and is a record of how many mornings the sky is grey ...
That's the collection and if you click on the large photograph in 365 you'll find the whole month to view!  More grey than blue - every month.
This tiny picture - reduced to send on an e-mail is a view of a tidy counter in the kitchen.  For weeks I have been planning to tidy it ... today I did!
Another Brennan Manning meditation.

Lord, thank you 
for not giving up on me.
Thank you
for not washing your hands of me.
Thank you
for not turning your back on me and my brokenness.

Lord, thank you
for not considering me
a hopeless case;
for not shrugging your shoulders
and walking away
from my innumerable failures,
great and small.

Lord, thank you 
for believing in me
when I can't believe in myself. 

Thank you
for hoping in me
when I can't hope in myself.
Thank you
for trusting me
when I can't trust myself.


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lesleyc said...

Maybe people read your blog because they find it full of warmth, humour and everyday human(and doggy)experiences that most people don't take the time to notice... The prayers and poems add that special something that often seems so right for that day.

No wonder then that this is a widely read blog!

Eliot is getting very keen on the camera now - he'll be wanting you to produce an Eliot calendar next...