Tuesday, 27 September 2011

With nothing to say ...

You can stare at a blank page for a long while ... and sometimes there is nothing that you want to write about.
The turtle pictures continued ... hadn't intended them to do so ... but it just happened.  The wooden one came a very long time ago from the shop at Mourne Grange ... a hand carved, fully interlocking, puzzle.  Over the years there have been many layers of beeswax added to the surface ...
Then, on the door into the house there's a turtle transfer attached to one of the panes.
It was, I think, a gift from Hawaii.
The last stanza of one of Brennan Manning's meditations ....

Lord, I know you smile on us.
And your smile
is brighter than the sun.
When the days seem dark and dismal,
and everything looks black,
help us, Lord,
to remember
the glory of your smile. 

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