Saturday, 3 September 2011

Watching ...

Eliot takes up his position beside the window in good time to see the postman arrive and then to bark loudly at him!  It's nothing personal you understand.  He will greet with the same enthusiasm anyone who dares to set foot on the drive and many of those who walk past on the footpath just minding their own business.  No one is permitted access unless they are recognised as friends.  
To confuse him you change your car between visits and he will try to ward you off as if you've never been before.  
He treats the back garden just the same.  No bird or squirrel is allowed to step on his turf.
At some stage there was clearly a magpie here today.
Eliot will certainly recognise it should there be a return visit.  Those two discarded feathers were well and truly sniffed (and photographed)!
It reminded me of the way some car drivers simply dump the contents of their ash trays on the car park ground, or throw fast food wrappings out of the vehicle windows!  I wish I had the courage of one friend's father who picked up a butt and handed it back in through the open window saying, "I think this belongs to you."  Maybe that's what we should all be doing and the countryside and cities wouldn't gather so much rubbish.  Or perhaps if everyone simply took their junk home with them ... but we've become a society where many people feel that it is okay to leave their mess for someone else to clear up!
Heavy rain yesterday washed the garden clean so yet another of the mini turtles had his fifteen minutes of fame ... more like five minutes!
He's not very big at all sitting perched on a very wet iris leaf.
Umbrellas are never far away these days ... I love the inside of this white one!
It's designed not to blow inside out in windy weather ... we'll see!


keneva said...

So you have been thinking rubbish as well - I just read this today - Monday!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Great minds ... and all that!