Monday, 26 September 2011

It's the little things ....

A small tidy up on the desk unearthed the nail clippers ....
... it makes me wonder what I'd find if I were to do a big tidy up?
A Brennan Manning meditation for this morning....

Lord, the nicest thing about you
is that you always
think better of us
than we think of ourselves.
That you always 
have more confidence in us
than we have in ourselves.
That you always 
find us more attractive
than we find ourselves.
That you always
expect more of us
than we expect of ourselves.
That you always 
know us better
than we know ourselves.
that you always
forgive us
before we can ever
forgive ourselves.
That you always
accept us as we are
before we can ever
accept ourselves.
That you always 
love us more
than we can ever
love ourselves. 

Thank you, Lord,
for being you. 

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Liz's Photos said...

Came across your Blog tonight and I really enjoyed. I particularly liked the photographs. What a wonderful way of connecting with people! I love your dog too!
Blessing to you and your work.
Kind Regards