Sunday, 25 September 2011

The end of Sunday ...

 The morning shot was cloudy ... but late afternoon the heavens opened and a thunderstorm poured out the contents of many clouds!  It was almost over when I tried to get a shot of the rain falling ... not a great success ... but it will help me to remember it!
 Sunday usually begins with a trip to church to leave off something or sort out something before the service.  On these jaunts the dog accompanies me and will sit happily in the car ... in the driver's seat ... until I return.  Why it has to be there I'm not sure but it does mean that at the very least the seat is warm ... though if he's had a run in wet grass ... or a roll in something smelly .... well ... you can work out that one for yourself!  Today was fine as he was clean and dry.
 There were a few minutes at lunch time when it was mild enough to be in the garden ... but that didn't last for long.
 Part of that time was spent getting today's turtle picture ... a very cute little pottery bell with glazed spots on its shell and a delicate pattern on the skin.  Love the "bug eyes" too, and its big smile!
 Once again the background is simply a sheet of A4 paper.  Colour correction is very easy when you have a perfectly white area with which to set the adjustments.
So ... that was Sunday ... I didn't get to do all that was intended ... will need to ring my cousin tomorrow as was invited to her home this afternoon but couldn't make it.
The evening service was in Windsor Presbyterian Church - the Methodist Harvest Thanksgiving.  Windsor is beautiful with some attractive stained glass.
This year the Methodist church decided not to do major church decorations as they are in shared buildings ... but there were two very pleasing pedestal arrangements.
Windsor has kept the box pews ... very cosy if it were a cold day and draughty.  They certainly weren't needed for that reason tonight!  It was exceedingly warm in the building.  Uncomfortably warm!
 Guest preacher (on the right) Rev Jim Rea with Rev Fred Munce, minister of Belfast South Methodist Church.

You often feel a bit "flat" at the end of a busy day ... so an early night is on the cards.

"God comes down to the lowest part of our need.  For he never despises that which he himself has made."
Julian of Norwich.

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