Saturday, 17 September 2011

Need to do this now ...

Because it won't get done otherwise!
It's been a good but rather long day and far from over!  Order of Service for a funeral tomorrow and prayers and sermon for the same to be done (including printing) before bedtime ... and that's for a short service in the home as well as the main one in church.  There's not often an opportunity to do a Sunday funeral but with the burial over near the Donegal border the country graveyards are much more flexible. You simply don't have burials in the city on a Sunday.
So ... that's ahead of me ....
but first ... today.
The dog knew that he was going to be "home alone" for most of the day!  I get the impression that he was simply resigned to the fact and not about to create a fuss.  This picture was taken as I began to pack the car with all sorts of goodies for the guests from Dublin ... and that included the Dainty Little Cupcakes that arrived last night.
I think it is rather cute the way he just lies waiting for me to stop running around ... and someone noticed that his portrait is on the distant wall.  They're a couple of watercolours that I did some time ago ... the top picture is of a small stray collie that stayed with me for a few months until his owner came and claimed him back.
And the other one is Eliot ... I'd like to do a profile of him some time ... and one or two recent photographs might just lend themselves to that ... but I'll not be starting it tonight!
 The friends who make the "Dainty Little Cupcakes" did a lovely thing today.  Before the rugby had started (that's the Australia v Ireland game) the husband turned up with this delightful set of six mini cupcakes for me.  One each in the flavours that were made for the morning coffee.  Isn't that just the kindest and most beautiful caring thing?  I'll enjoy one later in a coffee break. Eliot, despite appearances, will not be sharing more than a crumb!
 So, the folk arrived.  I knew quite a few of them from a retreat that they'd had at Glendalough where I was the speaker.  Their rector and I were in the same year at theological college.
 I appreciated a team of friends who came along to make coffee and chat to the guests.
 People took the opportunity to enjoy the church and quite a few found a quiet space for reflection and prayer.  It was lovely to see so many folk just wandering around and appreciating the building.  The cupcakes went down a treat and I am to convey their appreciation to the Dainty Little Cupcakes team!
 So a refreshed and happy bus load of visitors headed off into Belfast while our choir members joined the fifty two other choirs at Saint Anne's Cathedral.
This was the seventy fifth anniversary of the Hymn Society and after a rehearsal a celebration service was held ... I took the opportunity to go to that! What an uplifting experience.  So many voices joining in praise.
 Between rehearsal and service there was time to wander around and absorb the beauty of the Cathedral.  Time also to chat and meet up with folk.  The building was well filled for the service.  And it was lovely to watch the little groups of friends catch up with one another.
 The flowers were beautiful.
 Then, when the heaters were switched on the entire building (and the people) took on a deep pink glow!  It was hard to spot Saint Nicholas' folk until they caught sight of me and waved!
Some other folk waved as well ... I wonder were they waving at me?
If you are one of the 'waving' group and you happen to read this ... please leave me a note!
So ... time to get back to work ... there's a long night ahead I think as I have to be away early in the morning to pop Eliot into kennels and be back in time for the funeral.  I'm so glad that this was my weekend off and I'd arranged cover for the earlier service ... otherwise the day would have been rather challenging ... or rather more challenging!

And now ... thinking about the funeral tomorrow ...

Eternal God, we give thanks
for all those who have died in faith,
for the unceasing praise of the company of heaven,
for the promise to those who mourn
that all tears shall be wiped away,
for the pledge of death destroyed and victory won.,
for our foretaste of eternal life
through baptism and eucharist,
for our hope in the Spirit,
for the communion of saints.
May we live by faith,
walk in hope and
be renewed in love,
until the world reflects your glory
and you are all in all.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Funeral Service

PS ... today's turtle was the door stop at the front door. 


Freda said...

Resigned dog - he thought the cupcakes were for him!

Rev Elizabeth said...

ha ha! Yes, I suspect he did!