Monday, 15 August 2011

Sleepover fun.

Angel has entertained us for the past two nights ... sadly now gone home and Eliot is feeling bereft.  Some highlights in pictures for your enjoyment (or boredom)!
She took over!  This is Eliot's chair which he graciously allowed her highness to have!
 I show a total lack of restraint here ... photograph after photograph of the dogs .... well actually ... considering that I took almost a hundred perhaps there is some self-control after all.

 Much play and sham fighting ... great fun to watch but very hard to get pictures of it.

 Then hide and seek.  This game continued for ages!

 Eventually Eliot decided that a happy roll on the wet grass was just what he needed!
So ... that was the sleepover!
Meanwhile I've been snapping away at turtles ...
 Flatpack or silver ... they're all part of the collection.
 The silver one is only a centimetre long ... so don't be fooled by the photograph.
 Jade and Connemara Marble joined the silver one today ... it is going to take a long time to get the whole collection if I don't start to take them in groups.
And finally ... a couple of pictures of the Mournes today as I drove over the mountains to the funeral  ...
 and then back along the coast route ...
 This art installation is on the roundabout near Warrenpoint ... taken from the window ... will go back and get proper pictures of it.
Now ... may I go to bed?!


Kelly said...

Such fun pictures and so much fun to watch two friendly dogs having a good rumble! The hide-and-seek was really great.

lesleyc said...

These art installations are wonderful things - a very pleasant addition to the general scenery.

Doggy hide and seek is a treat!