Monday, 15 August 2011

I'll get complaints if I don't write something!

Two days in a row would be pushing my luck on the blososphere!  Family thrown into disarray.  Friends having Eliot withdrawal symptoms.  Readers left wondering if the end of the world has come ...
Of course, I could be lazy and just forget the blog for the duration of my holidays ... but no ... here I am!
A quick offering (New Tricks on TV shortly) and then maybe an extra paragraph or two if there's time.
Today I was back in the church where I grew up ... interesting experience!  The lights have made the photograph look a bit odd and the colours are not true.
It was the funeral of the oldest of my generation of cousins ... a lovely lady.  She gave me my first bath in the "big bath" in our new house in 1957!  Wow!  That's a while ago.
There was quite a crowd there ... maybe a bit short of 400 mourners but my sisters, b-i-l and I arrived well before many other people ... not sure why ... but there we were in an almost empty church so out came the camera.  I'd like to have gone up close to the six windows that show the days of creation ... but that would have been rather bold!
The number of clergy who don't wear robes at funerals seem to be on the increase ... at least this man had a clerical collar ... and that's also being abandoned for shirts and ties in many places.  Somehow when you're officiating in a formal setting the robes appear (to me) to be appropriate.  I guess each person makes up his or her own mind on this issue ... for me it will be full clerical dress ... but then I do that for all services and not just for funerals or weddings!
Right ... moan over ... time to watch TV ... I'll be back with Eliot's antics later (or tomorrow)!


julie moreland said...

yes auntie i missed ur blog and catching up with eliot, nice to see inside of mourne again, hasnt changed much,

lesleyc said...

I missed your blog too but didn't want to nag!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you for not nagging Lesley! I guess family get away with that!!!! Thank you niece and sisters!