Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's good to be back ...

Back to work.
Back to The Coffee Club.
Back to "normality".
Just to be back ...

The apple pie in The Coffee Club was phenomenal today!  I like to eat it cold and had a ginger beer to go with it!  Yummy.  If you don't know this place ... you ought to make a special run to the Lisburn Road ... just opposite the police station.  The coffee is terrific and the cakes are always very, very tasty.
It was good to catch up with friends there ... even if it has been just a short time away from the parish.
This evening we had the rain that the forecast promised ... heavy rain with thunder.  Poor dog crept in under the table to lie at my feet during the worst of it.  Just to be near me seems to be sufficient comfort ... and apparently to make a fuss simply reinforces the insecurity ... so I pretended not to notice that my feet were getting warmer!
Once the storm was over I took a wander into the garden (where the grass has been freshly cut) and Eliot became a "clown"!  I couldn't catch a decent picture of him as he dashed around and chased his tail!  Amusing to watch!
 Maybe it takes very little to amuse me!
 The rain certainly freshened the air which had become very heavy during the afternoon.
This garden event was one of those times where (afterwards) I wished that the camera had been on video mode!  Maybe next time I'll remember to do that.
Anyhow ... time for an early night, I think.
Turtles were photographed this morning so the 365Project could be completed for another day!
This shot was in response to a 365er in Australia who put up a picture of a turtle made in this style yesterday which she marked out for me to look at!  It seemed but right that the "Irish cousins" should reply with their own shot.  Isn't it funny that sometimes inanimate objects have the power to make you smile!  The little nodding heads here with their hats and spectacles do that!
Or, maybe I'm just a bit daft!
Good night world!


ROBERTA said...

well if it takes very little to amuse you, it seems to take even less to amuse me:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Roberta! I think that it is good to be easily amused! You never become bored!