Tuesday, 23 August 2011

That was the holiday!

Almost all over ... and only a fraction of what was planned even attempted!  The weather was abysmal ... some outings in spite of it including a bit of rabbit hunting yesterday!  Nothing caught (thankfully)
 The pup did enjoy a good run and his owner took many pictures.
 The National Trust reserve at Murlough is well worth a visit.
 This particular bit of wild flower meadow was a picture.
Though the dog was much more interested in following his nose through the bracken.
It all ends up at the beach once you've negotiated the sand dunes ... a pleasant walk.
 Eliot is very tolerant ... time and again he was instructed to sit while the photographer got to work.
 It wasn't exactly crowded at the beach ... three or four family groups and a couple of lone dog walkers ...
 So Eliot did his usual sitting in the sea activity and I even ventured out for a paddle!  The beach here is beautiful and the incoming tide felt a little warmer than usual.
 Then back to the car and the NT cafe.
 The service here was great and a lovely cup of coffee finished off the outing very nicely.
 That was yesterday ...
... today has been cleaning and sorting and wishing I'd started sooner!  We're still at the stage where it looks worse than it did before I started!  One very small cloakroom is clean and tidy ... everywhere else is a mess!  How such a small space can generate such a huge quantity of rubbish, and things that require relocation, beats me!
Next on the agenda is the entrance and then the breakfast room ... I wonder how far I'll get before deciding that it really would be a better use of time to go to the park?!
After all the sun is shining at the moment and that's not to be missed!
Of course ... today's turtle ...

 This colourful garden ornament was given to me ... maybe ten years ago ...
365Project has the theme "rainbow" this week so it seemed an appropriate time for a picture.
Eliot wasn't at all sure.  He gave it a good sniff and thought about it for a while ... but what self-respecting dog wants to be photographed beside such a tacky object?  Indeed, he refused point blank!
 Nothing to do with him!

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