Thursday, 25 August 2011

I doubt it!

New storage boxes will help me to become organised!
I doubt it.
What makes me think that having containers will do anything more than hide the junk ... it really isn't going to sort it, is it?
Well ... it will be tidy junk!
They'll need labels .... "Do yesterday", "Deal with today", "Important - sort it now" and "Why did I keep this" ...
And when I'm thinking about the sort of rubbish that has accumulated ... what do you do with old telephone directories?  I wonder if they can go in the blue bin?
I suspect that my natural way is to keep things "just in case it comes in handy" ... so maybe there needs to be a whole new approach?  The trouble is ... regrets would follow quickly if I were to discard something that I later discover is of vital importance.  That little scrap of red paper might be just the perfect colour for some piece of art ... and the ends of string or ribbon will, some day, be exactly what is needed for a parcel!
Where to put the new storage boxes is another question.
It is almost impossible to move in the study ... the room is tiny and with desk, chair and filing cabinets it is already quite full.  Maybe if some of the books were relocated to the guest rooms then there'd be space to reorganise ... Indeed, if I moved the entire study to one of the guest rooms it would be a whole lot more sensible!
Such concerns do not trouble the pup!  Once he's done his tour of the garden he's quite content simply to lie about dozing here or there until there's the prospect of a walk.
 That's not going to happen for a while ... we're waiting for a home delivery of groceries (and dog food).  One of the great luxuries here is being able to shop on line and to save time, energy, petrol and also resist "impulse purchases" that inevitably happen as you wander around the supermarkets.
This morning it was the smallest turtles in the collection that got an airing ...
 The penny gives you some idea of just how small this little one is ... it dates back to my time in Bangor when a young guest at the curatage gave it to me.
Some of the other small ones are made of glass, porcelain, wood, stone and, of course, plastic!
 This series will soon end ... even though there are still hundreds of turtles that have not yet been photographed!


lesleyc said...

Has the handsome Eliot had a wee trim around his ears in the last few days?

My old directories go in the blue bin.

Rev Elizabeth said...

No ... Eliot's hair seems to have the ability to look different ... he does need a trim behind his ears ... but I hate doing it in case I nick him.
Thanks for directory information.

lesleyc said...

Maybe he does a bit of ear -styling on the quiet - just so he looks his best for the photographs...