Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Photoshoot!

Now, this blog comes with a warning!  It contains many dog pictures!  For some unknown reason Eliot was in a patient mood this morning and I made the most of it.  So ... here is a small selection of my favourites ... but ... there are many more!
 It was, as is now usual, a damp morning with little prospect of sunshine.  For the daily weather picture it was umbrella time as a light drizzle was falling.  Just now that is over and I've risked putting out a couple of towels to dry ... we live in hope!

 Having his photograph taken with the lay figure (Lay About) didn't interest Eliot in the least ... but he did seem to focus on the Kindle for a brief second or two.  That was long enough for me to snap a quick picture!  This one makes him look very short sighted!
 After breakfast his doggie friend Angel turned up ... she's spending the day here so we have double the hairs!  Much play happens ... not outdoors where there is plenty of space ... but right here in the room!  It is fun to watch once you realize that all the grabbing by the throat is playful and not an attempt to strangle each other!
 I think they look cute!  And when it comes to nap time Angel claims the top landing and Eliot the bottom ... so all is well and at peace in the rectory and I can reclaim the Kindle and get on with the latest detective story that I've acquired.


ROBERTA said...

Oh I love the action shots of E and his visitor - life is always sweeter when one can share it with a friend:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Indeed this is true. Had K & E here last evening (overnight). Wonderful to see them.
Angel arrived in time this morning for them to enjoy her as well.
Both dogs now happily sleeping.