Saturday, 2 July 2011

Where did that week go?

They say that times goes more quickly as you get older ... and if that's true ... then I must be a very great age!  It seems no time at all since last Sunday when we had the Swedish visitors; or even the previous week when Bishop Alan was with us!  Somehow the hours are filled with all sorts of things ... that is the great variety of clergy lives ... from meetings to visits, schools to church services ... study, preparation and folk who call at the house ... all in a day's work and very satisfying.
Tonight (shortly) I'll finish off and print out the notice sheet for tomorrow ... the order of service is ready and our student reader will preach at Holy Communion.  I'm preaching at the United Service in the evening and, since it is Saint Thomas' Day, will speak about that particular apostle.
The minimalism theme continues on 365Project so I'm going on with the fruit series that I started a few days ago.  Today was the turn of the blueberry.  One on its own looked a bit lost so the photograph includes a row vanishing into the background.  It's the turn of a peach tomorrow I think.
Lunch was a sandwich in the open air ... at long last there are enough hours of sunshine to make it feel a little like summer.  The grass has enjoyed the warm wet conditions and is now nearly tall enough to hide a big dog!  Thankfully there's a gardener coming this week and he will get it all in order for me.  Maybe I'll miss the wild flowers (weeds) and maybe I'll enjoy being able to find the garden chairs again.
The lush tall stalks provide a great place for the dog to bounce around but maybe not so good for humans!
After a long afternoon we had another vegan experiment.  Asda soya burger mix.  Actually they were rather tasty although could do with a bit more garlic.
Dauphinoise potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables, courgettes with sun dried tomato and sautéed mushrooms completed the dish ... with red currant jelly, ketchup and English mustard dressing on the burgers!  (The Dauphinoise were done in soya milk and soya cream with soya butter!)  According to "Delia" the addition of cheese overpowers the potatoes ... so that was no loss.
 Then (and here I forgot to take a picture) we rounded things off with rhubarb crumble ... rhubarb straight from the garden ... and soya custard.
We'll end with the collect of Saint Thomas' Day.

Almighty and eternal God, 
who, for the firmer foundation of our faith, 
allowed your holy apostle Thomas 
to doubt the resurrection of your Son 
till word and sight convinced him: 
Grant to us, who have not seen, that we also may believe 
and so confess Christ as our Lord and our God; 
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever.  Amen. 


Anonymous said...

If we lived nearer I would send my gardener over as he loves cutting the grass!! :)) mind you all the weeds in my garden have attracted the butterflies and bees, which has been pretty. I know what you mean about time!! where does it all disappear too I just can't believe that we are in July already.. nearly time again for Strictly come Dancing :)) Have a good day tomorrow. judyx

Rev Elizabeth said...

You can tell that Nigel enjoys cutting grass ... but the commute would be a bit much unless he can find a job share that takes him here every other week!
Enjoy your Sunday too.
God bless.