Friday, 1 July 2011

On a good day ...

... there are lots of buskers in the centre of Belfast.  They all hope that someone will drop a coin or two in their bags ... and a few do!  Most folk just pass by having enjoyed a few moments of music.

Today a new "kid on the block" joined in with the free entertainment for shoppers!  Paul took the trumpet down town to the Arthur Square area where he blew, and he blew and he blew .... but very few responded!
 However, the first day is over ... the anxiety of performing solo in public in a foreign country is behind him ... and hopefully tomorrow's shoppers will be generous!
 The Victoria Centre certainly knows how to advertise .... I love these larger than life figures that walk towards the entrance!
 The blue reminds me of the early morning picture for 365Project.  Today, continuing the fruit theme, was a lemon.  Well, you could probably work out that from the picture!
The day continued with all sorts of bits and pieces and people not at home ... until ... after our evening meal we took a trip across to East Belfast to watch the Somme parade.  Standing just outside Willowfield Parish Church we had a reasonable vantage point although we were at the back of a sizeable crowd so most of the pictures have a clutter of heads in the foreground.  
I managed to miss the one banner that I wanted to capture ... but hopefully there will be other opportunities later in the month. 
 The best music came from the two accordion bands; most of the others were just loud and noisy rather than tuneful.  Almost all were smartly turned out for this first parade of the season.  The corner of My Lady's Road seems to be the place where a few choose to leave the marching and go for a pint (or two) instead.  Out of sight of the marshals they slip away to join friends or family!
 The marching was quick and it was hard enough to catch the "characters" as they passed.  This is where you wish you had a telephoto lens and time to focus!
 Even though it was well into the evening a few continued to sport sunglasses ... more a fashion accessory than a necessity, I think.
 Among the watchers there were some who felt the need for a little thirst quenching!  The row of empty bottles grew quite large during the half hour that it took for the bands to pass.
 Flutes and drums in nearly every band ... and not much difference between them.
But since I can't play either I should give credit where it is due ... at least they can play something!
Once again, bed time is upon us.  The loud music from Summer Madness is rolling over the garden wall from the King's Hall.  We've had letters from the showground to let us know that outdoor music will end at eleven o'clock and the indoor events at midnight.  We'll see!  It's only a few days so I guess not a major problem.

In darkness and in light, 
in trouble and in joy, 
help us to trust your love, 
to serve your purpose 
and to praise your name; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Friday prayers. 

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Garth Bunting said...

A varied day it seems. Likewise in Dublin, though no parades!!