Sunday, 3 July 2011

Too much choice!

A wonderful Sunday but so many things happening that I'd not know where to start with the blog.
Maybe the early morning.
The pup had a treat as his walk extended quite a bit (there was some spare time) and two statues that have been on my list became the destination for photographs.  Even before the walk I'd done the 365Project picture, continuing the theme of fruit.

Look in the middle distance of the washerwoman's statue and there's RISE ... almost completed.

 Since I was on Tates Avenue it seemed only sensible to come home via RISE and take a few more pictures now that the scaffolding has gone.
I imagine there'll be some "arty" pictures of it from time to time!

 Afternoon in the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park listening to the Templemore Silver Band.
 Again Eliot came along for the walk.
 Finally, after the evening service while we were having tea Eliot quite forgot his manners and sat begging!  How uncouth!
 He went so far as to lick his lips ... fun picture, but extreme begging!  The wee monster!
So, Roberta and Eliot's fan club ... that was Sunday!  A good book beckons ... night, night!

God of hope, 
in this eucharist we have tasted 
the promise of your heavenly banquet 
and the richness of eternal life. 
May we who bear witness to the death of your Son, 
also proclaim the glory of his resurrection, 
for he is Lord for ever and ever.


Anonymous said...

wonderful selection of photos Elizabeth and such an interesting walk with those statues to photograph.. love the photos of Eliot..enjoy your book, good night, Judyx

lesleyc said...

Faced with some of the dishes you have on your table I think a lot of humans would sit looking hopefully at the food and licking their lips too! Eliot is to be commended for his good taste!