Monday, 4 July 2011


 An early start provided the opportunity to get the 365Project photograph done ... another in the summer fruit series!  The nectarine was very sweet and juicy.
 In the interests of later comparison I took a few "before" pictures of the back garden.  Later in the week the "after" images should make an interesting contrast.
 Eliot may well wonder what has happened to all his hiding places once the gardener has been!
Meanwhile, an international comparison is going on.  Bananas in parts of Australia at present are $3 EACH!  This is the result of the typhoons and flooding .... In California they're $0.24 cents each ... and in Marks and Spencer's today they work out at 21 pence sterling each.
 A long and full day ended with dropping in to the Holiday Bible Club.  Learning a memory verse is a traditional part of the programme so the first one here is written on balloons.
 The club members did some colouring in and added to the window displays.
 Then the evening rounded off with a parachute game.
It's very noisy from the King's Hall tonight ... hope it stops at midnight.  Been a long day ... a very long day ... Dorothy L Sayers .... here I come!

May we delight in your purpose 
and work to bring all things to their true end; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Monday prayers.


Anonymous said...

Good morning - my word that grass is long!! won't show the pic to Nigel or he'll have a heart attack!! Love seeing youngsters actively engaged in Bible studies how encouraging. Take care, Judyx

Kelly said...

Your Holiday Bible Club sounds like our Vacation Bible School (VBS). I still remember songs I learned in Bible School!