Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The "Secret".

A series of fruit shots against plain backgrounds ... where are they taken?  How are they done?
 The first picture here is today's 365Project image.
Sometimes the fruit is rearranged to try for better angles and light.  This second one pleased me too ... but only one photograph is posted on the 365Project site each day ... so this one simply stays on file.
 It was a very ripe (just perfect) mango though without the intense taste that they have when eaten in the Philippines!  I still remember my first one there ... now that was flavour!
The "studio" is quite simple!
In the back garden there are a couple of chairs with a little table in between.  And most of the pictures are taken there ... under an umbrella if it is actually raining!
 The dog is often somewhere around although he tries to avoid the camera and stays well away until the pictures are finished!
So, that's "the secret"!  Natural light, chopping boards and a couple of minutes at breakfast time!
It is good sometimes to take a long view, to see the bigger picture ... I can feel another sermon illustration coming along!

Dear God
How many stages must I go through
before there are no stages left?

Small prayers for a big God
Greg Mitchell

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