Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another day ...

... with the usual round of parish activities, phone calls, visits, meetings, Holy Communion and office work!  In about fifteen minutes from now I'll have been working for twelve hours ... perhaps it is time to take a break!
The breakfast fruit today was a Honeydew Melon ... another sweet and tasty fruit, the twenty third in the fruit series!
We're nearing the end of this series, I think.  One or two more pieces are lurking in the fruit bowl and then I'll move on to another theme or continue with the regular 365project weekly topic.
This is where I've got to so far!  What a fruit salad (with the exception of the tomato) that would make!
Once again it is a reminder of how blessed we are in all that is available for us to enjoy.  And all of it can be eaten raw (except the rhubarb)!

Dear God,
what would Jesus say
to the media?
Small Prayers for a Big God
Greg Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

oh I love rhubard but no-one else in the family does but then Nigel loves strawberries and I don't!! Love all the colourful photos - and I hope you managed to get a few moments to yourself :)) Judyx