Monday, 18 July 2011


Warm buttered toast at a roaring peat filled fire!
It's funny really.  You wouldn't look twice at that picture in the middle of January ... but this is JULY!  Not only was there a roaring fire, the central heating was also on.
Friends all over America are complaining about the heat and quoting Fahrenheit figures.  Here we're certainly grumbling about the cold, the wet and the wind and quoting Celsius temperatures.  People on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are unhappy!
 I managed to snap this morning's fruit outside in the light drizzle ... today it is the turn of a Conference Pear.  They're much sweeter and more reliably gorgeous than the Blush Pear of a few days ago.  It was first grown in England in the late nineteenth century.
 Eliot sat on one of the garden seats while the pear was being shot and I managed to get a quick picture of him before he saw the camera and proceeded to ruin the next couple of attempts.  Some people can persuade their pets to pose ... but this camera shy mutt just turns away!
Anyhow.  It is dark outside now and while the house is still reasonably cosy I'm off to bed!  Good night world.

May we delight in your purpose 
and work to bring all things to their true end; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Monday prayers. 


lesleyc said...

I think Eliot is actually not turning away but wanting you to remember that this is his best side - although all of him is very handsome!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Ah Lesley ... if only you followed him around with a camera you'd soon realize that he tries to avoid having his picture taken!! Can be both fun and frustrating!